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Filtrox Stock (Filters & Cartridges) for Sale - #I-5134

For Sale

Filtrox Stock for sale, now at 25% off cost price - Fitrodiscs, filter sheets, Micron Cartridges, etc.

Filter Sheets
AFST130 40x40cm filter sheets
Beveratech: Carlson XE1200H 40x40cm filter sheets
AFST140 40x40cm filter sheets
AF9 40x40cm filter sheets
AF6 40x40cm filter sheets
AF100 60x60cm filter sheets
AF6 60x60cm filter sheets
AFST140 60x60cm filter sheets
AF70 60x60cm filter sheets
AF30 60x60cm filter sheets
AFST130 60x60cm filter sheets
Filtrodur 900 1x2m filter sheets
Filtrodur 900 60x120cm filter sheets
Filtrodur 40x80cm filter sheets
AF50 60x60cm filter sheets
Filtro Disc & Cartridge
Clarox MPW 04 F3S 0.45 micron 30 inch
Clarox MPW 06 F3S 0.65 micron 30 inch
Clarox PP (SL) F3S 1 micron 30 inch
Clarox PP PL50 F3S 5 micron 30 inch
Clarox FP30 PW75 3 micron 30 inch
Clarox PL30 F3S 3 micron 30 inch
AF73 12" Dia Filtrodisc
AF103 12" Dia Filtrodisc
AF133 12" Dia Filtrodisc
AF143 12" Dia Filtrodisc
Box of 1 Filtro Disc AFST 113
Assorted Wine Cartons / Boxes
Wooden Pallets
Plastic Pallets 


Please consult the stock list to view what is for sale and the cost price.


Deanne Lombard 021-421-7007 Email
Filtrox Stock on Hand & Cost Price - Wynland Voorsieners - 48.9 KB

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