The Directors

In 1964, Michael James established the company Michael James (Pty) Ltd with the trading name "Michael James Organisation" in Somerset West. The company originally traded as estate agents, but soon widened its horizons into the world of auctioneering and with years of hard work, slowly built up valuable experience. By facing numerous challenges, the Michael James Organisation became one of the leading auctioneering firms in Southern Africa.

The Michael James Organisation has over the years established valuable relations with attorneys, liquidators and various financial institutions to which it now lends valuable assistance in the disposal of assets in liquidations, insolvencies and deceased estates.

Michael has been a registered Professional Associated Valuer since 1984 and a member of the South African Institute of Valuers since 1985. He has further been an Appraiser appointed by the Minister of Justice since 1969.

Andrew James, Michael James' son, joined the company in 1986. With him, he brought a magnitude of fresh ideas and youthful inspiration; complimenting the very successful business and ensuring that The Michael James Organisation continues to keep up with modern trends.

It was by no means an easy task. Stepping into this established company was a challenge. However, Andrew quickly learned what was needed to be a part of his father’s business and set to work learning the ropes. In 1989, he started doing auctions. His vibrant personality won the hearts of the buyers, making him one of the most successful auctioneers our country has to offer. He became a registered Appraiser, appointed by the Minister of Justice in 1997.

Being committed to growth and expansion (very necessary requirements for the company to continue as one of the leading Auctioneering groups in the country), Andrew opened the Eastern Cape offices based in Port Elizabeth in 1996. An additional branch was opened in Cape Town in 2004, as he felt a presence in the City Centre a vital criteria. Both endeavours have proven to be most successful.

Andrew continues to keep the organisation alive with enthusiasm, ensuring that each day is a new challenge. He is now the Managing Director and, with him at the helm, the business can only go from strength to strength.

Samantha James, daughter of Michael James joined the family business in 1993. Samantha was driven by her meticulous nature and strong personality whereby she took charge of the administrative side of the business, ensuring that all aspects of the auctions run smoothly and without error.

In 1998 Samantha became a shareholder and Director and continues to keep a tight ship, she has established solid relationships with clients and business associates and is relentless in maintaining perfection.

Both Andrew and Michael look to Samantha as the family member who keeps the business ticking over like clock work, all the employees work closely with her as she sets the high standards required for service excellence. Samantha is the link between buyer and seller, she firmly believes that perfection is the key to a successful business and accepts nothing else. This is an all important factor in the continued growth and support the company experiences.

Whilst this company enjoys a family atmosphere Samantha brings along the efficiency needed to be accepted in the corporate world. Her attributes are endless and she is the epitomy of what is required to be a successful business woman.

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